Haunt Your Nights: Watch Movieswood Telugu Horror Movies!

Calling all horror fans in India and beyond! Are you ready for a frightfully good time? Today, we’re diving into the chilling world of Movieswood Telugu horror movies. Buckle up, because we’re about to explore haunted houses, vengeful spirits, and spine-tingling tales that will keep you up all night (if you dare!).

Why Movieswood Telugu Horror Movies?

Telugu cinema, based in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, has a rich tradition of horror movies. They often blend folklore, mythology, and social issues with classic horror tropes, creating a unique and terrifying experience. From ghosts seeking revenge to ancient curses, there’s something for every horror enthusiast.

Movieswood Telugu Horror Movies: A Spine-Tingling Overview

Movie TitleYearDirectorBrief DescriptionMust-Watch for Horror Fans Who…
Geethanjali1989K. Raghavendra RaoA young woman haunted by memories of her past life confronts a vengeful spirit.Love classic chills and folklore-inspired scares.
Chandramukhi2005P. VasuA psychiatrist unravels the mystery behind a haunted mansion and a powerful, vengeful spirit.Enjoy grand sets, captivating music, and larger-than-life drama.
Arundhati2009Kodi RamakrishnaA powerful woman takes revenge on those who wronged her, with thrilling supernatural elements.Appreciate strong female leads and action-packed horror with social commentary.
Bhaagamathie2018G. AshokA historian investigates a haunted palace and encounters a powerful entity with a shocking secret.Crave modern chills with stunning visuals and a unique storyline.
Awe!2018Prasanth VarmaFive unique and unsettling horror stories in an anthology format, offering variety and scares.Love short bursts of frights and exploring diverse horror subgenres.
Kshanam2016Ravikanth PerepuA suspenseful thriller with a supernatural twist that keeps you guessing till the end.Enjoy edge-of-your-seat mysteries with unpredictable turns and haunting elements.
Nagavalli2010P. VasuA king falls in love with a mysterious woman who turns out to be a serpent queen, unleashing terror.Are drawn to classic mythology retold with horror and romance.
Maya Bazar2016Suresh KrishnaA family vacation turns into a nightmare when they encounter a malevolent spirit in a remote village.Seek grounded horror with relatable characters and real-world scares.
Rakshasudu2016Ramesh VarmaA group of friends on a road trip encounter a vengeful spirit with a tragic past.Prefer road trip horror with elements of friendship and social issues.
Eeram2009Surender ReddyA man tries to protect his family from a vengeful spirit attached to an ancient tree.Appreciate emotional horror with themes of family love and sacrifice.

Where to Begin?

If you’re new to Telugu horror, here are some popular movies to get you started:

  • Classics:
    • Geethanjali (1989): A timeless story about a young woman haunted by her past life.
    • Chandramukhi (2005): A psychiatrist tries to unravel the mystery behind a haunted mansion and a vengeful spirit.
    • Arundhati (2009): A powerful woman takes revenge on those who wronged her, with supernatural twists.
  • Modern Chills:
    • Bhaagamathie (2018): A historian investigates a haunted palace and encounters a powerful entity.
    • Awe! (2018): An anthology film with five unique horror stories, perfect for a short scare fix.
    • Kshanam (2016): A suspenseful thriller with a supernatural twist, keeping you guessing till the end.
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Beyond the Movies:

Your Movieswood horror journey doesn’t end with just watching films! Here are some additional ways to delve deeper:

  • Read up on Telugu folklore and mythology: Understanding the cultural context behind the movies can enhance your experience.
  • Explore music and visuals: The haunting soundtracks and eerie visuals in Telugu horror movies are often masterpieces in themselves.
  • Join online communities: Discuss your favorite movies, share recommendations, and connect with other horror fans.


  • Horror isn’t for everyone: If you’re easily scared, start with milder movies or watch them with friends.
  • Respect cultural sensitivities: Be mindful of the cultural context while exploring Telugu horror.
  • Have fun! The key is to enjoy the thrill and chills of the genre.


This blog post and table just scratched the surface of the chilling world of Movieswood Telugu horror movies. With its rich blend of folklore, mythology, and modern chills, there’s something for every horror enthusiast to explore. So, gather your courage, dim the lights, and dive into these spine-tingling cinematic experiences. Remember, while these movies aim to entertain, they may not be suitable for everyone.


This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. The information provided about the mentioned movies is based on publicly available sources and may not be exhaustive or entirely accurate. Please consult appropriate resources for detailed information and reviews before watching any movie. Enjoy the scares responsibly!

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