Udan yojana “Ude Dsh Ka Aam Naagrik”

UDAN Yojana

udan scheme

What is UDAN scheme?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the main trip of Delhi from Shimla under the plan of Flight 27 on April 27. This plan was begun under the Regional Connectivity Scheme began in the year 2016. With the assistance of this plan, the administration needs to interface little and little urban areas of the nation with the office of plane.

As per the declaration set aside a few minutes, the regular man can book a trip of Rs 2500. The main flight, which begins under this plan, is flying among various routes. All data identified with this plan isĀ  as follows:

UDAN scheme Launch

This scheme was launched by Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju in New Delhi on October 21, 2016. But this scheme has started from April 2017 and for this period of 10 years, this scheme will be operational. The main objective of this scheme is to provide low cost air tickets. The full name of UDAN is “the common citizen of the flying country” / “Ude Dsh Ka Aam Naagrik”.

UDAN scheme objectives

There are several main objectives of the government, the specifications of the scheme are being given below:

  • The flight scheme was announced by the Aviation Ministry of the Government of India in 2016, which has started the implementation this year.
  • Under the scheme, the government is keen to give regional connectivity to the country. According to the plan its flights will cover a maximum of 800 km.
  • Under this scheme, 43 cities of the country are connected with flights. Along with this, approximately 12 such airports will be added, which are running irregularly. With this, 31 such places will be activated, where the airport is but it can not be used.
  • Air India Subsidiary Alliance became the first Air Line, which operated the airplane between Delhi and Shimla under this scheme. Alliance Air will carry a 48-seater ATR-42 regularĀ  flight under this scheme. All these flights will be of economic class.
  • Airfare on these routes for regional flights will be Rs. 2500 for 1 hour.

Airfare and Implementation

Under this plan the legislature will diminish the flight charge and will make air terminals at numerous spots where the airplane terminal isn’t at present accessible. Under this plan, the clients will have to pay fixed amount at 500 km in 60 minutes, which will cost 2500 rupees. In this plan, 128 courses and 5 administrators have been incorporated. This is the first such special plan to ensure Affordability, Connectivity, Enhancement and Development. It aims to increase the quantity of tickets up to 80 lakh to 3 million by 2022.

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